Miloš Biković

Miloš Biković is very successful Serbian actor, who has played roles in the most popular movies and TV series in Serbia and Russia during the last 10 years.

Miloš is a co-founder and co-owner of Archangel Studios, a production company based in Belgrade.

He is the founder and owner of Archangel Digital Studios, a company dedicated to production of animated content.

Miloš Biković has played roles in the most popular movies and series in Serbia – „Montevideo, Bog te video“ ( „Montevideo, God Bless You“), „Balkanska medja“ („The Balkan Line”), „Hotel Beograd“ („Hotel Belgrade“), „Južni vetar“ („South Wind”).

The movie „Sluga“ („Serf”), starred by Miloš Biković, holds the highest box office record in modern Russian history with over than 50 million dollars. It is the most profitable Russian film of all time.

Movie „South wind“ reached nearly 150,000 admissions in its first seven days of release in Serbia, making it the best opening of a domestic film in Serbia in the last 15 years. „South wind“ series is the most viewed series in Serbia in 2020, with more than two million viewers per episode, and with a TV rating higher than 40%. It is the biggest box office series in Serbia.

Archangel Digital Studios has been established in 2020 with the goal to use and promote the potential and talent of young authors from Serbia, who have been internationally recognized as relevant in the gaming and creative industry. The business goal of Archangel Digital Studios is the production of high quality animated content for the biggest streaming and TV platforms.

Tatjana Žeželj Gojković

After graduating from the Faculty of Dramatic Arts in Belgrade – Department of Film and TV Production, and enrolling in postgraduate studies at the same, as well as completing a course at the London Film Academy, he won a scholarship from UCLA University in the United States.

She participated in several production sessions around the world, and in Serbia she attended the “Kvadrat” Visual Communications Center.